Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms to use Sprang.in

  • You must carefully read and understand these terms and conditions before using Sprang. By using Sprang you accept and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Personal information collected(i.e. name, address, date of birth) will be used by Sprang for the purpose of better user experience, statistical analysis and improvement of the service provided only. We won't be disclosing your personal details with any third parties without user's concern.
  • You must not post / share / communicate any information of any type which is illegal, antisocial, defamatory, insulting, annoying or problematic to any person, organization or community. Doing so will breach the terms and conditions and may lead to legal actions against the person or particular group owner for which Sprang will not responsible in any respect. Group owners may not disclose the usage tracking data with third parties for any purpose.
  • Sprang has right to deny / refuse / reject such registration or may terminate such accounts without giving any prior notice or reason/s for which no Group owner can claim for the same.
  • For posting / sharing content which requires age filter group owner (either the person or the person who gets the right to post / share / communicate the information) is required to inform their subscribers for the age filter of their group.
  • Sprang cannot be used for posting / sharing any kind of antisocial or illegal activities. Anyone found doing breaching the terms may result in termination of account and may lead to legal formalities required. Sprang shall not be responsible and accountable for such misconducts.
  • Reverse engineering strictly prohibited and the users have no right to change / modify / alter / amend in the design / layout / programming of the Sprang. Anyone found doing reverse engineering to the application will be liable to the India Jurisdiction.
  • In case of any legal actions taken against any group owner for  sharing any information which is abusive, problematic, illegal, antisocial, defamatory, insulting or annoying, Sprang will not be responsible for such legal actions.
  • You may not disclose you login credentials to anyone, any occurrence of misconduct  by doing so will be sole responsibility of particular group owners. In case of any loss or damage of any kind occurs due to such happenings the group owner will be responsible for doing so.
  • Any content posted /shared from a group shall follow the terms and conditions and must not harm reputation of any individual, caste, community or organization. Performing content check is the sole responsibility of Group owner not Sprang.
  • Sprang has right to restrict / block / terminate any group violating the terms of use or rules and regulations framed.
  • Terms and Conditions may change without any prior notice, In case of denial to the terms & conditions you may avoid the use of Sprang to avoid any kind of discrepancy.


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