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Say Hi! to all your Subscribers in single Click

With a motto of "Say Hi! to all your Subscribers in single Click." Sprang is a platform for providing notifications, as push notification tends to be the next platform Sprang serves for the same. Being pioneer in the pure push notification service we would love to fulfil all your needs in all aspects. Being easy and effective platform for sharing information in just a single click with subscribers of your group across the globe. Sprang completes the bridge for sending the notification to millions of subscribers in a lapse of time. Being a purely free service Sprang tends to see itself with a huge number of users across the globe in several countries. Sprang is neither bounded by limits nor by languages.

Here's why you should join Sprang:

  • Get notified for only groups you subscribe
  • Get on your screen what you like
  • No Spamming and No Spying on you
  • No more boring Advertisements
  • Fresh content from best sources
  • Short and Meaningful Stories

With a team of active members Sprang is improving day by day in order to provide better user experience. Sprang is totally against the Spamming and Spying. It is based on the user's interest, provides relevant data right in the application. We are always looking for the fulfilment of needs of every user of Sprang. Here's the team of young and enthusiast members working for Sprang.

Talent is always welcomed at Sprang, are you eager to work with Sprang? Apply at [email protected]


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